1. How many storage pockets is the Tactical Hydration Backpack?

It includes one main pocket, clip-on adjustable gap, two front pockets.

2. Is Tactical Hydration Backpack enough space to place items?

Yes. The main compartment is roomy enough to carry water bladder, clothes, and lunch box. Two front zip pockets are perfect for storing wallet, phone, keys, small first-aid kits, bug sprayers, sunscreen, gloves, snacks, multi-tool, etc. And The MOLLE system comes in handy for adding extra pouches to help make up for it.

3. Can the water bladder be fixed in the tactical hydration backpack?

Two Velcro straps hold the liquid bag in place nicely. It doesn’t pop off when running either.

4. How is the cooling effect about tactical hydration backpack?

It is in an insulated pocket in the pack to keeps liquids cool for up to 4 hours.

5. Does the flag patch contain in tactical hydration backpack?

Yes. This tactical hydration backpack contains the flag patch.

6. What are the dimensions of the 2 L water bladder?

Roughly 16.33×6.69 inches.

7. Do you have to bite the mouthpiece to drink?

Yes. When you bite the mouthpiece it creates the necessary passage for the water to flow smoothly.

8. Does this backpack have a warranty? How long is it?

Yes, it has a warranty. We offer a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY.

9. Is any other question?

If you have any other question, please reach out us directly at: support@sharkmouth.me